Periodontal disease is the most common clinical condition occurring in the cat and dog and starts with mouth odor. Regular dental cleaning is encouraged with our patients to prevent development of dental disease. Our hospital offers state of the art dental scaling and polishing, single and multi-root extractions and minor oral surgery, full mouth digital dental x-rays in order to assess tooth roots, as well as look for potential abscesses, fractures, and resorptive lesions. We will thoroughly identify any areas of concern and ​create a dental ​plan ​tailored to each pet.

Drop Off

Harmony Animal Hospital strives to make your schedule easier with early morning drop-off appointments.  Let us take care of your pet's needs for the day and pick them up on your way home. We ask for you to provide a contact number at drop off so we can effectively communicate with you throughout the day.


Our state of the art surgical suite is equipped to meet the needs of our patient. We specialize in sterilization procedure and soft tissue surgeries including but not limited to tumor removals, wound repair, splenectomy, foreign body  exploratory surgery, enucleation, prophylactic stomach tacking and bladder stone removal. All of our patients receive a full physical examination and intravenous catheter prior to any surgery. Anesthetic blood work is required for all health compromised patients and those over 7 years old. We provide additional pain medications pre and post surgery to make your pet’s recovery smooth and uneventful. Although anesthetic risks may happen, these ​parameters are ​important to the success of the patients operation.

Immunization & Wellness

Annual examinations and vaccinations are an important part of your pet's well-being.  Harmony Animal Hospital evaluates every patient individually, to provide the best quality care for your animal's health.  Our annual examination includes a complete physical exam, vaccinations, stool specimen check for parasites and blood work for heartworms.  We may suggest additional screening and diagnostics based on your pet's age and risk.


We offer in house diagnostic lab work for patients that need immediate results or for our patients undergoing anesthesia. Our treatment area is designed to provide a quiet environment for the care of your pet. We are equipped with fluid pumps, isolation, EKG monitoring and an emergency crash cart. We also provide a full in house ​pharmacy.


Micro-chipping is an important component to helping your pet return home safely. We can implant this painless device quickly at any time ​during your pet’s visit.


NutritionHarmony Animal Hospital believes in the healthy pet. We provide prescription diets by Purina, Royal Canin, and Hills,Veterinary Diets that offer an array of needs whether your pet has allergies or a sensitive ​stomach. Next day delivery on special orders.We are now carrying Fromm Diets!  This family owned company has worked intensely to produce quality pet foods since 1949!  

House Calls

For your convenience, we are now offering house calls for clients within 5 miles of our practice.  Whether it is for yearly visits, or the difficult times, house calls allow us to come to you.  This provides a more comfortable environment for you and your pet.

Radiology & Ultrasound

Harmony is proud to offer digital radiology in our hospital. Digital radiographs are superior images of your pet’s internal system. These images are captured in seconds which is helpful for the person with a busy schedule or the critical patient. The pictures produce sharp and clean detail imaging due to the technology involved. Our doctors will interpret these radiographs and they will be submitted to a board certified radiologist for final diagnosis. We also offer abdominal ultrasonography. This type of non-invasive imaging gives a real time image inside your pet’s abdomen. It can help to diagnose many medical and surgical conditions and aids as a diagnostic tool ​for a pet’s urinalysis.

Therapeutic K-Laser

We are so excited about our Therapeutic K-Laser Treatments!  This non-invasive therapy draws in oxygen and nutrients to the cells, decreasing inflammation and promoting healing.  We have seen dramatic results with arthritis and other joint pain, wounds, back issues, lick granulomas, surgical incisions and more.